Plastics Recycling

Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and turning the material into useful products.

Plastic recycling prevents the waste that nature can completely destroy in a few centuries or even a few millennia (up to 5000 years).

It provides the return of the waste to the economy instead of being thrown into a corner and left to decay.

It makes businesses more profitable by saving electricity in raw material production.

Recycling facilities operated by municipalities provide municipalities with substantial cash inflows.

In the widespread recycling of packaging wastes, as the packaging costs of the companies will decrease to a large extent, the prices reflected to the consumers may decrease to a certain extent.

The raw materials of some recycled materials are imported from abroad as they are currently not available in Turkey.

As raw materials originating from soil, where recycled materials are made, will be collected not from distant cities, but directly from the cities where production is made, transportation expenses of the raw materials will be greatly reduced.