Mias Investment Contracting Consultancy Renewable Energy and Electricity Generation Industry and Trade Inc. Nevşehir branch has started work in Nevşehir Organized Industrial Zone with a LICENSED collection separation and recycling facility. Our company produces about 300 tons per month in burr manufacturing.

The most advanced technologies are used in production. The track is constantly being renewed. Materials are taken separately and first class recycling burr raw materials are produced.



To work on the collection and recycling of wastes, which are of great importance in today's environment, and to add value to the country's economy with our zero waste philosophy.



To create a leading corporate company in the recycling industry, which has a continuously developing and renewed service approach and has adopted the philosophy of total quality management.



Our company;

has adopted the total quality management philosophy in the recycling sector and ensures the continuous improvement of the quality management system,

has set long-term quality targets and periodically reviews these targets,

has been directing its employees in line with these targets, adopting the satisfaction of its suppliers, employees and customers as a principle,

is a company that strategically improves waste collection and recycling efficiency in the sector in line with the objectives and objectives of the activity, and develops new methods to reach agreements with companies in different activities.