MIAS Recycling

Mias Investment Contracting Consultancy Renewable Energy and Electricity Generation Industry and Trade Inc. Nevşehir branch has started work in Nevşehir Organized Industrial Zone with a LICENSED collection separation and recycling facility. Our company produces about 300 tons per month in burr manufacturing.

The most advanced technologies are used in production. The track is constantly being renewed. Materials are taken separately and first class recycling burr raw materials are produced.

MIAS Recycling
Stages in Plastic Recycling

Before any plastic waste is recycled, it needs to go through five different stages so that it can be further used for making various types of products.

  • Sorting
  • Washing
  • Shredding
  • Identification and Classification of Plastic
We are a member of PAGEV

PAGEV is one of the leading nongovernmental organizations in Turkey. PAGEV is composed of over 600 trusteer and relevant 1750 companies that account for more than 88% of the plastics value chain in Turkey.